Vocational training conference Georgikon students

The greeting card of the OREMUS Foundation of our school
Opening Ceremony

It was held between April 7-9, 2017

“Vocational training for the development of Hungarian-Hungarian relations and strengthening the rural population’s role in the Carpathian Basin”

In Eger, organized by the Eger Vocational Training Center for Trade, Agriculture and Catering, Secondary School and College, and the Rákóczi Association.

Our school was attended by Georgikon Greek-Catholic Agricultural and Food Gymnasium, Vocational College and College for the fourth time. Our institution is Levente Komporday Director and Eszter Dankó 2/14. Food technician, Alexandra Horváth and Iski Petra 11. The food industry vocational secondary school students were represented.

The most important part of the meeting was the conference held in the hall of the Eger City Hall on Saturday, April 8, where the General Secretary of the Rákóczi Association, Csongor Csáky, Director General of Eger’s Vocational Training Center, Eger County Council was greeted by those present. During the morning we heard lectures on very important topics. We have to highlight the lectures by László Bruckner, Head of Department (NGM Department of Professional and Adult Education) and FPP Benedek OTP Agrárdivízió, who gave very useful and informative reports and guidance on the development, development direction and opportunities of vocational training and, in particular, agricultural training.

During the three-day meeting, we could learn about the sights and sights of Eger, the Szépasszony-völgy. On Saturday evening the host school organized a festive dinner at the delegations of the Hungarian secondary schools from here and beyond, Dr. József Halz after the invitation of the President of the Rákóczi Association. We also had a cultural program for our host, and at dinner we could taste good wines as well as fine wines.

Eszter Dankó, Alexandra Horváth, Iski Petra