Community Work

Dear Girls and Boys!

You have probably heard that from January 1, 2016, a 50 hour long community service is required to receive you graduating diploma. It will not be a tedious task for you.

You can choose between the possibilities of your school what you want to do. Even if you can not decide whether you want to do it or not, but you can decide WHAT you want to do. You may have suggestions of what kind of tasks you find fit to be done. 

The important thing is after you decided what you want to do it needs toget the approval of school leadership and have to to comply with the law definition: 

The “community service: social, environmental and individual community or group activities and their pedagogical processing in an organized framework for the benefit of the local community of pupils” (Clause 4 (13))So the following areas of activites are available:

(A) health,
B) social and charitable,
(C) educational,
D) cultural and community,
E) environment and nature conservation,
(F) Civilian and Disaster Management,
G) joint sports and leisure activities with pre-school children with special educational needs and elderly people.

You can do several project over more than 1 year to  complete your community service. The advantage of this is that you can try out several things. There is also the possibility of completing the 50 hours within a major project or a one-year program. If you are well prepared and heartfelt, you realize that you will be part of a fantastic program and a lifelong experience. Be creative and appreciate in your environment for what you will do might benefit others, your local community, and your environment.

We wish you good and useful time from the Community Service portal team!

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