Why choose us?

We’ll open a way for you to the new opportunities, it depends only on you to come and get it!

We educate with faith – and teach with our heart and soul.

Professional traning that is needed in the job market

  • A wide range of professional training that is needed in the job market – Agriculture, food industry, mechanical professions
  • Practical training opportunity in our school – educational facilities, laboratory, school garden (exception:Meat-industry worker)
  • You can get multiple types of training and you can choose the order in which you would like to get them
  • – First get a profession, then a maturity certificate and after that a technician degree. 
  • – After finishing technical school you can get a maturity certificate and a technician degree
  • – Over the age of 25 you can study in our adult education program and get a profession or a maturity certificate

Scholarship opportunities

  • During their studies our students can recieve various types of scholarships:
  • Scholarship with a student contract,
  • Scholarship for students learning professions that have a shortage of workers in the job market
  • Útravaló scholarship

International practical training opportunities

  • European mobility programs
  • Opportunity to participate in internatinal traning programs

Talent care, helping to catch-up

  • Teachers who think and work children-centric
  • Talent care, helping to catch up, language learning opportunities

Christian education

Supporting the Christian faith and moral system

„Meglátjuk-e, felismerjük-e Istent, azon múlik, milyen szívvel, milyen belső figyelemmel nézünk embertársunkra” Mustó Péter

Student Hostel

Providing a living opportunity for students living far away.

More information about the student hostel!