Internship in the food industry and agriculture in Slovenia – spring 2023

Slovenian professional practice

03.03.2023 – between 03.24, six students of the Georgikon Greek Catholic Agricultural and Food Technical College, Vocational School and College – students participating in the training of pastry chef, food industry technician, innkeeper, agricultural mechanic and welder – took part in a three-week internship in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, as part of the Erasmus+ program Grm Novo mesto – Center Biotehnike in turizma at the training sites of secondary school.

Our students were placed in the school restaurant and pastry shop and in the agricultural teaching area. During the internship, the students got involved in the technological processes, the daily activities of the factories, gained insight into the organizational structure of the workplace and worked together with Slovenian students. During the weekend programs, our students got to know Slovenia’s natural, historical and cultural treasures as well as its gastronomic specialtiees.