International Relations

In December 2023, our 2020 mobility project was completed, now within the framework of the Erasmus accreditation application. Due to the international problems caused by the pandemic, this round of applications could only start in 2022.

Six people are on a viticulture-wine internship at the MFR Richerenches school in Richerenches, France, six people are on a bakery-confectionery internship at the Cfa Européen Louis Prioux institution in the city of Bar Le Duc, also in France, six people are agricultural mechanics and food industry professional group students at the GRM in Novo Mesto, Slovenia Novo Mesto – Center Biotechnike in Turizma school, and six of our main food industry technician and agricultural machinery technician students participated in a three-week internship in the Spanish city of Cordoba within the framework of cooperation with the Europe Connexion partner office.

Levente Lukács 2.10. and our confectioner student completed his three-month long-term internship at the partner institution in Bar Le Duc alone and independently in the ErasmusPro program.

In the 2022 tender round, a new collaboration with the Escuela de Viticultura y Enología Félix Jiménez in Requena, Spain began. During the preparatory visit in May 2023, we agreed on the joint implementation of professional practice and study trips. As a result, in September 2023, our school’s six students participating in adult viticulture and winemaking education took part in a three-week professional internship in the company of the accompanying colleague and the colleague completing the professional study tour.

The professional internships, language learning mobilities, institutional management and professional study tours, which have a history of almost twenty years, with the involvement and participation of 80% of the teaching staff, serve the international strategy of the institution and the objectives contained in the Erasmus plan, which was introduced later, well. In addition to the support and professional assistance of the Tempus Public Foundation, the good cooperation of colleagues and international partners and the guiding principle of providing students with a wide range of opportunities make it possible to implement our international programs, which are performed at a high level according to the evaluations of the Support Manager.