French professional study tour

French guests at our school
Slovenian training

A 10-member delegation of our institution and representatives of local vinery arrived home from a French professional study tour. The visit was organized by the Georgikon School on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the partnership, involving wineries who took an active part in implementing the traineeships for French students coming to us.

During the program, the participants were given a broad insight into the viticultural work and additional agricultural activities (olive, lavender and truffle cultivation) carried out by professional firms in the Provence region. Experience has been gathered about hospitality practices and how hospitality businesses link trade in their products.
Georgikon School: Director Levente Komporday, Ágnes Rákné Lendák economic manager, János Ficsor, head of practical training, Jánosné Takács, founder member of the French school partnership
Diocese: Zoltán Papp Education Officer
Ferenc Naár Pajzos Ltd., Balázs Taskovics Tokaj-Oremus Ltd., Miklós Gábely Filep Tokaj Disznókő Vineyard and Winery .Ltd
dr. Zoltán Bihari Tokaj Wine Region Vine and Wine Research Institute, Ernő Csoma Mayor of Tolcsva Municipality