Slovenian professional practice

    On March 23, 2019, six students from our school arrived from Novo Mesto, Slovenia.

    Our students participated in confectionery and agricultural engineering practice at the GRM Novo Mesto partner institution, supported by the Erasmus + program. During the three weeks they gained a lot of professional, cultural and individual life experience that enriched and shaped their personality.

    In our academic year 2018/19, 18 students took part in a three-week internship in France, Portugal and Slovenia. This trend will continue in the future, thanks to the advanced internationalization process and the Erasmus + Mobility Charter.



    Szlovén gyakorlat PPT

    Palicz Márta szlovén szakmai tanulmányút

    Szlovén kísérő tanári beszámoló – SZNZS

    Nagy László szlovén kísérótanári beszámoló